Commitment to Sanda Beef

Sanda beef farmers raise each and every one of their cattle with love and care.

Temperature Control

Cows are sensitive to hot weather, so we take special care in the summer and use fans to convey air to control the temperature. We also ventilate for the cows by considering the flow of air according to spring, summer, fall, and winter so that they can always breathe clean air. We manage the temperature so that cows neither experience stress due to hot weather nor catch a cold, by their breathing in the clean air of Sanda.

Delicious water

The subsoil water of the Muko River system contains minerals that make it ideal for fattening cattle. Sanda cattle that drink this delicious water every day do not drink the tap water at the exhibition site when they are displayed in competition. The cattle love Sanda’s delicious natural water and are fed with it every day.

Raising cattle with love

The most important tip for raising cattle well is to avoid stress and unpleasant feelings. When we feed the cows, we not only feed them, but also stroke their faces with our bare hands. This makes the cows feel happy. Whenever we have free time, we rub the cows’ backs with a brush,so we raise them with the same love and care as my own family.